See You Saturday Mar 30th 2024 at Riverwind Casino - Doors Open at 5PM

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The book is now 99% done! Just a couple items to go before sending to the printer.


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Vendors and Sponsors please contact us at 405-520-5554 and Fill Out THIS Form



Doors open at 5:00PM
Games and Bar

6:00PM Present the Colors

6:30PM Dinner is Served
Awards and Ceremonies

7:30PM Prize Drawings and Live Auction Begins


Hundereds of Vendors and Sponsors have stepped up to give to Oklahoma Station SCI thousands of dollars in donations. We in turn translate these donations into high impact items in the Outdoor Conservation arena in both Oklahoma and Around the World!! 

OKSCI is not a club who simply sits around and talks about our outdoor adventures (all though we do like to brag about them now and then). We are a group that thrives on making an impact though education, conservation initiatives, and humanitarian services whenever and wherever we can. Check out the rest of our website for more information on this and look see at the MANY things we have done each year!

To achieve these milestones, we must must rely on funding from you, our members, and the surrounding community.  The Convention and Auction is our number one source of annual financing but it is so much more too. It is a spectacular night out with friends and colleagues and the OSCSCI Banquet has been ranked as the premier convention for many years running. We put in a ton of time and effort to make sure that even if you don't buy anything, your night is well worth a hundred fold more than the ticket you purchased. Don't spend the whole year listening to your buddy who went and talking about what you missed, come grab a seat and have a night out you will soon not forget :)

Sign up SOON! We LOVE your support and the feedback is always the same, WHAT A NIGHT!!

Come enjoy this Gala night of fun, dine and deals of a life time and support our future generations ability to enjoy to outdoor world as we do!!! :)


Do It While The Opportunity Is Here; Life Is About Experience!