Pre-Filled SCIF SafariCare Blue Bag Offer  

Is there someone in your chapter who’s getting ready to hunt abroad soon?

Are they going to a destination where a SafariCare Blue Bag filled with the following basics might be a much-needed and appreciated gift?

First Aid Kits/Creams
Fungus Infection Creams
Eye Ointment
Upset Stomach Medicine
Diarrhea Medicine
Anti-Itch Creams
Skin Rash Cream (Cortisone)
Fish Hooks and Line

School Supplies
Shampoo/Body Wash
Pens, Pencils
Crayons, Colored Pencils
Antibacterial Soap
Safety Pins
Plastic Bottles
Dehydration (Salt) Tablets
Adhesive Bandages

Soccer Ball & Pump
Mosquito Netting
Mosquito Coils
Needles & Thread
Coloring Books
Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Then the SCIF Humanitarian Services “Bags Around the World*” program is for you!

Thanks to a generous grant from the SCIF Hunter Legacy Endowment, Humanitarian Services has seven (7) pre-filled SafariCare bags ready to travel! There’s still enough room left in the big blue duffel for you to personalize it, but the basics are there. We’ll even pay up to $50 to ship the bag to your chapter.

Whether you use the bag on behalf of your entire chapter or just pass it on to a traveling SCI member, the only requirements to qualify for one of these bags are the following:

  • Travel must be imminent (by June 30, 2007)
  • The SCI traveler uses and returns the bag promptly for washing and recycling
  • Upon return, the SCI traveler provides Humanitarian Services with a publication-quality, 250-300 word report plus high-resolution photographs of the resulting SafariCare mission (for Safari Times).