November 14 2007 "In The Crosshairs"

In The Crosshairs Newsletter

November 14, 2007

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SCIF at African Wildlife Forum

The African Wildlife Consultative Forum began Sunday, November 11, in Pemba, Mozambique with a meeting between SCIF and government officials from Mozambique. The officials agreed that SCIF and Mozambique should move forward to develop a national management plan for elephants, lions, crocodiles and leopards. There was much discussion about developing and adopting region-wide, bottom-line standards for business and hunting ethics in the hunting industry. Outfitters attending the forum praised "Crosshairs" for its prompt and accessible method of communicating important hunting related issues. In addition, the outfitters expressed their appreciation for SCI’s efforts on the issues of transportation of firearms. Future issues of Crosshairs will continue to update you on the progress of the AWCF.

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SCI Investigates Further into Growing Zimbabwe Situation

SCI President Dennis Anderson recently had discussions with State Department officials concerning the Zimbabwe situation that was reported in the 11-7-07 edition of In the Crosshairs. As you recall, the U.S. State Department was concerned about hunting revenue ending up in the hands of President Mugabe and thus alluded to a nationwide closure of hunting in Zimbabwe. State Department officials were very candid in their discussions with Mr. Anderson in explaining the implications that will affect U.S. hunters who may unknowingly pay for services in Zimbabwe that contribute to the Mugabe regime. The State Department will release a revised list of individuals and companies that have links to the government and with whom it will be illegal to do any business. Per the State Department, the Mugabe government is infiltrating the hunting industry more and more in an effort to collect hard U.S. currency from foreign hunters. When the State Department publishes the new list of Zimbabwean individuals, likely right before our annual convention, SCI will make it available to our members.

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Australian Shooters Party Maximizes Senate Vote

Preference deals with like-minded political parties have given the Australian Shooters Party (ASP) a strong edge in the coming Australian Federal Election on November 24. The ASP already has two State Senators in New South Wales and now the Party is running Federal Senate teams in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, and has directed preferences to other parties intended to maximize the vote for compatible parties. In all cases the aim is to minimize any flow-through to Green candidates. The ASP has worked towards denying the Greens a Senate seat, given their aggressive opposition to firearm ownership and their restrictive policies on the environment and sustainable usage.

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Hunting Ban in Greece

"The Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, in a recent ruling banned hunting in parts of Greece affected by the devastating summer fires until the end of February [2008]. The court made the decision after an application was filed by an environmental group on the grounds that the fire had created imbalances in the country’s ecosystem and problems for wildlife. The temporary hunting ban applies to only parts of the burnt areas, according to the ruling." (Source: Sports & Games Magazine)

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Reverse of Hunting Ban in U.K.?

Based on press reports out of the U.K., there seems to be signs of hope that there may be “a repeal of the controversial ban on hunting [based on] two reports that claim the practice is justified as the best management for wildlife. The Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management and the all-party parliamentary Middle Way Group have issued a joint statement claiming that Parliament and the public were deceived about the science that supposedly justified the Hunting [ban] Act. A report titled ‘The Use, Misuse and Abuse of Science in Support of the Hunting Act’ concludes that there never were grounds for banning hunting on the grounds of cruelty. And a second report, The Natural Chase, to be published in the New Year, highlights the key role played by predators in maintaining a balance in the countryside and traces the evolution of hunting, recognizing the practice as the natural form of control.” The full article can be read here or by visiting

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Hunter Education Being Put to Work in Latin American Countries

Through the efforts of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the International Hunter Education Association, a cooperative international hunter education program was held to educate instructors in Mexico. The three day seminar took place at the Chaparral Wildlife Management Area in Cotulla, Texas. This meeting was also attended by the Mexican Hunting Federation (FEMECA), the Peruvian Hunter’s Association and various hunting clubs from Mexico City. FEMECA has been charged with monitoring the Hunter Education Program in Mexico and they will work cooperatively with a 12 member delegation from the six attending Mexican states (Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Hidalgo, Puebla, Michoacan and Jalisco), and various Non-Governmental Organizations to work on implementing the hunter education program. Implementing the education program will facilitate reciprocity of hunter education certification for those hunters wishing to travel. SCI has formally partnered with FEMECA in its efforts to protect the freedom to hunt.