March 3, 2011 "In The Crosshairs"

In The Crosshairs Newsletter

March 3, 2011

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Sportsmen Unite In Support Of State Management Of Recovered Wolf Populations

“A coalition of the nation's largest hunting and conservation groups has thanked members of Congress for taking several steps in the right direction for wolf conservation. The coalition recently reminded Congress that all wolves in the Rockies and Great Lakes area are recovered and should now be managed by state biologists. The coalition supports all four pending bills in the House and Senate to move recovered wolf populations to state management. The groups include Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, the Boone and Crockett Club, National Rifle Association, and Safari Club International.” Learn more about the wolf related legislation at

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SCI Foundation Raises $205,000 For Wildlife Conservation

Washington, DC - The Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) raised $205,000 for wildlife conservation through the sale of seven exclusive tags. The auctions for the conservation tags were held during the Safari Club International 2011 Annual Hunters' Convention. "I am truly excited to see the amazing response from SCI's members for the 2011 Conservation Tags," said SCIF President Joseph Hosmer. "These auction tags are one way SCI members directly contribute to the success of our sustainable management of wildlife in the United States. SCIF will continue to provide more conservation tags to the SCI membership, and thus increase our on-the-ground conservation funding for years to come!" Learn more about SCI Foundation’s conservation funding at

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SCI Represents Hunters In Polar Bear Hearing

Safari Club was in a Federal courtroom last Wednesday to argue its challenge to the polar bear listing under the ESA.  Shortly after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the polar bear as threatened in May 2008, Safari Club and others (including the State of Alaska) challenged that listing in court.  After extensive briefing on the merits, the Court finally held an oral argument.  Safari Club's attorney addressed the Court on three occasions during the four hour hearing.  He and the attorneys for the other parties challenging the listing advanced legal and factual arguments against the listing.  The Court seemed to understand that the import ban that arose after the listing has harmed sustainable use conservation of this species. As is usual, the Court had difficult questions for parties on all sides, so it is hard to predict the outcome.  The Court did not indicate a timeline for the decision.  Safari Club will be back in front of the same judge on April 13 to argue its separate legal challenge to the import ban.

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Minnesota Cuts Moose Hunting Permits In Half

“Faced with a declining population of moose across Northeastern Minnesota, the Department of Natural Resources announced today it will issue half the number of moose permits in 2011 compared to 2010.  The DNR will issue 105 bull moose permits for the two-week hunt in October, down from 213 permits last year. The permits are awarded to groups of 2-4 hunters based on a lottery to be held in May. The lottery application begins April 1.” (Source: Duluth News Tribune) Read more at

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The Upland Nation Spreads Its Wings At The Safari Club International Convention

“The Annual Hunters’ Convention held by Safari Club International is a magnet for power players in big game hunting, but this year marked a departure as leaders in upland shooting announced significant developments with far-reaching implications. Quail Unlimited is teaming up with the SCI Foundation to stage an American outdoor game fair intended to rival the sprawling extravaganzas in the UK. Billed as the Southeast’s largest Game Fair, it’s scheduled for September 23-25 at the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in Douglassville, Georgia – a section of the US with a distinct heritage of plantation upland shooting.” (Source:  Read More at

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Learn More About Hunting, Fishing Economic Impact In Your State

Free hunting economic impact reports for your state are one of the best ways to discuss with non-hunters the positive role hunting plays in local economies and conservation. Safari Club International and the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation help produce this important data for chapters, members, media and others who want current, reliable statistics about the economic impact of hunting, fishing and wildlife-associated recreation. Find out what hunting means in your state at

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Tanzania: Reform Of The Hunting Industry In The Making

“After years of controversial public debates on the reform of block allocation and fee structure in the hunting industry the Tanzanian Government published new regulations at the beginning of February. All hunting blocks will be allocated in a new system for the period of 2013 to 2018. The number of blocks in the country has been increased from 158 to 190, and all of them have been graded into five classes according to their quality.” (Source: African Indaba. Story by Rolf Baldus)

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SCI Canada Office Releases Feb-March Newsletter

To learn about SCI’s Canada Office and Canadian chapter development, please take a look at this month’s SCI Canada Newsletter.

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Humanitarian Services Special Newsletter

Please click here to read a Special Valentine’s Day newsletter recently launched by SCIF Humanitarian Services.  This newsletter is dedicated exclusively to the SafariCare program, and features 18 wonderful stories and photos submitted by chapters and by individual SCI members.  Please help us foster continued growth in the SafariCare humanitarian aid program by sharing this newsletter with your family, friends and colleagues. Learn more about SCIF Humanitarian Services