February 12, 2010 "In The Crosshairs"

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February 12, 2010

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38th Annual Hunters’ Convention in Reno, NV: A Huge Success

Reno, Nevada – Safari Club International’s 38th Annual Hunters’ Convention in Reno, NV ranks as the second highest revenue generating Convention ever, with nearly 20,000 attendees. In a tough economy, this signifies the strength of SCI, its members and business partners to raise the funds to realize SCI’s mission of being First for Hunters.  Highlights from the week included more than 1,100 exhibiting companies leasing over 2,000 booth spaces; a SCI-PAC luncheon with keynote speaker Liz Cheney; the second annual Diplomat’s Reception with government officials and representatives from central Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and the United States; and the Convention’s keynote speech from former U.S. President George W. Bush. MORE… http://bit.ly/cPiHkK

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President George W. Bush Receives Beretta SO10 EELL Shotgun

Beretta presented President George W. Bush with a custom-made SO10 EELL shotgun before a crowd of nearly 3,000 at the final dinner for the 38th annual Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada.  Dott. Franco Gussalli Beretta, whose family owns the nearly 500-year-old company, presented the special 20-gauge over/under to President Bush in appreciation of his leadership during his time in office as Commander in Chief and for his unflagging support of Americans' rights to keep and bear arms. (Shooting Sportsman Online) MORE… http://bit.ly/aK2oVa

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Wildlife & Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Announced

Washington, DC – In a joint press conference held on Roosevelt Island, on the Potomac River just outside of the nation’s capital, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced formation of the Wildlife & Hunting Heritage Conservation Council to serve as the advisory committee to the administration on policy affecting every hunter in America. Safari Club International was present for the announcement and will seek to play a significant role on the newly formed Federal Advisory Council.

“The announcement that Secretaries Salazar and Vilsack made today takes a huge step forward in addressing the interests of the hunting community,” said SCI President Larry Rudolph. “SCI has worked for decades in Washington to ensure all hunters have access to public lands for hunting and has ensured the science behind wildlife management is based on continued sustainable use. By forming the Wildlife & Hunting Heritage Conservation Council, this administration will be receiving direct advice from the hunting community- the same community that has been advocating for sustainable use conservation since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.” MORE…http://bit.ly/avU4IA

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SCIF Teams With Salvation Army To Feed The Hungry

Tucson, Ariz. - For over a decade, The Salvation Army and the Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) have hosted an annual Feed the Hungry Feast in Reno as part of the SCI annual Hunters' Convention. This year's event was the 11th annual dinner and it was held at the Reno Events Center in downtown Reno on the evening before the Convention opened.  Over the years the event has grown to become one of Reno's major events to help the homeless and those in need of a hot meal. Like many parts of the country, the tough economic times have created a need that sportsmen and hunters can fill. This year almost 2,000 meals of elk meatloaf, salad, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, bread and dessert were served to the hungry of Reno. More…http://bit.ly/9G0Edw

Footage from the 2010 Feed the Hungry Feast in Reno, NV is on YouTube. Click HERE.

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Wolf Advocate Receives Warning For Her Idaho Hunting Tag Chicanery

An animal rights advocate who tried to pass off a state-culled wolf carcass as one she shot herself has gotten off with a warning from Idaho Fish and Game, but no other penalty.  Lynne Stone, director of the wildlife advocacy group Boulder-White Clouds Council, had purchased a 2009 wolf hunting tag. She had no plans to hunt one of the predators, but intended to find a wolf killed by other means and use the tag to count it toward the statewide hunting quota. (LA Times Online)  MORE… http://bit.ly/c4fRRH