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September Goings On


We are having a FREE Members BBQ and Trophy Room party, the Expo is Upon us and of course DEER SEASON IS HERE!! OK, not till Oct 1 but close enough :)




BBQ and Drinks - who said we don't have fun??

It's BBQ Season!! Just before hunting season begins we are having a member BBQ and pool party at Leonard's Trophy room. BBQ will be wild game and drinks are included (unless you want to bring some 40 year old Scotch). .This is an OSCSCI member event so members (plus1) are FREE and memberships will be available for $35.


2018 ODWC Expo (Volunteers NEEDED!!)

The best kept secret in Oklahoma. Did you know that it is OSCSCI that does the match the tracks with the animal wall at the Expo with the kids? Well, it is :) This is one of the most visited and longest remembered parts of the expo. Do believe me, go ask your kids, they will remember the game but no one really can remember who puts it on, well, that would be us :) It is a ton of fun and a very good learning tool too for our up and coming conservationists! Of course with every great thing there is a great problem - Volunteers. Manning this booth requires 4-6 people at a time in the booth (every tried keeping up with 12-20 kids at once trying to do something?). If you have ANY time at all Friday, Saturday or Sunday Sept 21 - 23, We could REALLY USE A HAND!! Please contact us at



Remember - the Banquet this year is April 13th at the Riverwind Casino in Norman!!

Tickets are not on sale just yet and neither is the list of amenities and auction items but you know you want to go so add it to your calendar now so you don't plan any lesser events on that date :)



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