The mission of the Oklahoma Station Chapter SCI is to protect the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation in the state of Oklahoma and worldwide.

There is a letter going around that Members of “Oklahoma Station Safari Club International” support Oklahoma SB1488. This statement is not false as some members may indeed support it. Oklahoma Station Chapter Safari Club International, which is our official name, is still researching this bill. Bills change frequently but at current writing, we do not support it”

SCI serves four basic tenets:

  • Protect the freedom to hunt for all hunters not just for any specific species
  • Education of the value of hunting as a viable wildlife management tool
  • Conservation of wildlife to preserve the heritage of hunting for future generations
  • Humanitarian services

Our members are conservationists who hunt and embrace the highest of ethical standards. We find no irony in this because we believe that hunting and conservation are not only compatible, but inseparable.

We believe that habitat and wildlife must be kept in balance, and that wisely managed hunting is the best way to accomplish this. Professional wildlife managers have proven that total protection is not conservation. There are many examples of what happens when species are allowed to exceed what their habitat can support.

The right to pursue wild game is a heritage handed down through the generations, and we intend to protect this cherished heritage. When a species is threatened due to habitat loss, political neglect or a natural disaster, SCI steps in with money and effort.

Our members are proud to be helping preserve wildlife through our hunting fees and our financial support for professional wildlife management based on science, not philosophical or political bias.